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Die Farbe der Dinge / The Color of Things

Anatomy of the « Color of things » :

232 pages graphic novel, Fiction, in color. Published in German by Éditions Modernes, in March 2020.

Translation: Christophe Schuler.

Awards :

  • Swiss Children’s and Youth Book Award 2021
  • Das sind die besten Comics des Jahres 2020
  • Swiss Prize for the Best Debut Graphic Novel 2020

In the Media :

For his first long read graphic novel, Martin Panchaud is not afraid to offend. In the « Color of Things », the Swiss artist doesn’t conform to many codes of the genre. The unusual design could take some time to get used to for some readers, but this is also what makes the visuals real eye-catchers.

Kolja Kandziora, Arte Journalist.

A carnival of pictograms

Martina Knoben, Der Bund

The idea here is to make a pact with the reader and ask him to read an image as he would read a text.

Martin Panchaud, Lemanbleu

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Synopsis :

Simon, 14, overweight, is the whipping boy of the neighborhood kids and his mother’s much-adored son.

By following the guidance of a fortune-teller, he will get everything he wished for, and lose everything he had.


Martin Panchaud Die Farbe der Dinge

Photo: L’imprimerie Jelgavas Tipofrafija.