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Urban Art Velodrome

My fresco is 4.5 by 15 m, for a total of 67 m2. I created it in July 2020 on the Fontenay arena in Geneva, Switzerland. This fresco is part of a bigger project called Urban Art Vélodrome.

This art project brought together 30 artists to paint a decommissioned cycling arena and bring it back to life through art.

You can find out more details here: https://urbanartvelodrome.com

My inspiration came from the small tactic boards football coaches use to explain their strategy to the players.

The fresco comes with a caption containing informations that help the abstract forms come to life. The viewer draws upon his own experiences to re-enact a football game. He can picture in his mind the speed of the ball, the moves of the players and the pressure of the game.  

It’s not just about the match. It’s about a shared moment between the fans and the footballers during a football game. It’s this link, this shared element betweeen the fans and the players once brought together that creates the spectacle that makes the stadium vibrate.

Photo: @Kronos_pictures
Photo: @edou.art20

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